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Carpet Sheen And Our Philosophy


It was just as well I vacuumed the whole house from top to bottom before he arrived,

but I forgot to push our bed to one side and vacuum under it, and you could visibly see dust and dirt that I had missed, but I thought it would be a good test to see if the Machine would extract this from our carpet, at the end of the job the dust and dirt  was still present apart from it was now wet, The carpets stayed damp for 24 hours and I had to hoover the patch under my bed when the carpets dried, We decided that when we offered this service to our customers we would make sure we would do it properly, get fully trained and not cut corners.

So my wife and I attended some course and got fully qualified at the National Carpet Cleaning Association workshop by Paul Pearce, A leading authority in the industry.

And we started to buy equipment and started cleaning carpets for family then customers


At Carpet Sheen, we believe in forging ongoing relationships through quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. Because we know our customers expect the same level of professional service that we would expect if we were in your place, our professional team is committed to working together to provide that level of service for every project we undertake. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, both with today's job and every future job you entrust to us.

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