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Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your premises clean with commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning for  office blocks, hotels, schools, retail stores and more

Commercial carpet cleaning

For a thorough clean, our team carries out a pre-inspection and offers specialist treatments

Carpet Sheen Cleaning offers one-off and regular commercial carpet cleaning. For best results, we recommend your carpets are deep cleaned at least once a year and twice a year for heavy traffic areas.


For all commercial jobs, we carry out a site visit - first to assess layout, access, condition and size of the job. If needed, your carpet can be cleaned outside of normal business hours so your employees and/or customers are not disturbed.

Refresh your upholstery at  work with a deep clean

Carpet Sheen is pleased to offer its upholstery cleaning services for commercial clients. Whether you have a furnished office or restaurant you definitely need your upholstered furniture deep cleaned. It gets dirty and discolored very quickly when it is intensively used. Cleaning your upholstery gives it a new lease of life, restores it look and can add years of use. It also makes your whole workspace cleaner and more hygienic, especially for people with allergies.

commercial upholstery cleaning services
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